Message from Us to You

After 40 years in television production, the Broward Education Communications Network (BECON) continues to grow as a strong figure in the diverse and vibrant South Florida community. As Broward’s only local public educational TV station, BECON is constantly looking for new ways to enrich viewer’s lives and promote life long learning.

Since BECON is owned and operated by the Broward County School District, it is an immensely valuable resource for parents and students. BECON is the only TV station where residents can watch School Board meetings, view school and district news updates, and even get the daily breakfast and lunch menus on our new program, Before the Bell.

Other award winning programs include Broward School Beat, which highlights the every day accomplishments of our district’s remarkable administrators, teachers and students, and Broward Teen News, which features teens honing their TV production and journalism skills. Teens also have a voice on the popular Teentalk program, where issues of relevance are addressed in an unscripted, discussion format.

Notwithstanding, BECON’s community involvement extends beyond the schools into the South Florida Community. An up-to–date Community Calendar highlights special events taking place each month. The Countyline and Community Forum programs offer ways for citizens to stay informed about public policy and current trends and issues in education. The tri-county area is featured in Celebrate South Florida, a monthly magazine format program profiling interesting people, places and events in our community.

Two of our newest series offer programs created specifically for our South Florida viewers. Crossing Cultiures, Changing Lives explores and celebrates our very diverse community. Career Watch highlights careers in fields such as hospitality, marine industry, bioscience, green colllar and aviation for high school students and individuals seeking a career change.

Our viewers have the opportunity to get involved with BECON by becoming a Friend of BECON or by giving us feedback. We encourage phone calls to 1-877-TV BECON or emails to

We are proud of the great strides BECON has made and will continue to bring our viewing audience high quality programming that is not available on any other channel. I invite you to join us, day or night, to watch BECON-TV and Invest in Yourself!

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