Science Matters


Thirty minute programs designed to promote science literacy in middle and high school age youth. Copyright 2009-2013

Science Matters is designed to educate and inform viewers about science topics relevant to their lives and the world in which we live. Each Science Matters program focuses on essential core concepts, helping bridge conceptual development from the elementary to secondary level. Science Matters helps to prepare today’s students for the science careers of tomorrow.

Pricing is available for classroom or library series. Marc Records are available. Broadcast and duplication rights are also available. Duplication rights allow licensee to make copies for distribution to schools or libraries. Programs are available for broadcast licensing which can include closed-circuit, open broadcast, web streaming and podcasting.

BECON Instructional Programs are available for use by schools and schools districts within the U.S. to learn more, please contact Gladys Sznajderman @754-321-1000 | 754-321-1011 or via email: