Reality Avenue


Twelve – 30 minute programs for middle, high school students and adults. Copyright 2007

Reality Avenue is an award winning series. It features innovative, fast paced, up-beat, and energetic, violence and substance abuse prevention programs. Reality Avenue brings students, teachers, and families together, and presents facts and skills in an entertaining and stimulating format. A variety of approaches, including expert interviews and student-directed discussions, ensure that students of differing learning styles will absorb and retain the prevention information being presented.

Pricing is available for classroom or library series. Marc Records are available. Broadcast and duplication rights are also available. Duplication rights allow licensee to make copies for distribution to schools or libraries. Programs are available for broadcast licensing which can include closed-circuit, open broadcast, web streaming and podcasting.

BECON Instructional Programs are available for use by schools and schools districts within the U.S. to learn more, please contact Gladys Sznajderman @754-321-1000 | 754-321-1011 or via email: