Career Watch


Ten – 30 minute programs for middle, high school students, and adults. Copyright 2008

CareerWatch is a new television series designed to turn the spotlight on high demand, hard to fill, jobs. Each episode features interviews with industry leaders, experts working in the field, on-site experiences and educational resources. The goal of each episode is to expand the thinking of viewers and to give them some new career options.

CareerWatch targets young adults making first time career decisions as well as those adults already in the workforce who may be looking for a change. Program enlighten and inspire the viewer to make the most out of his or her life and livelihood.

Pricing is available for classroom or library series. Marc Records are available. Broadcast and duplication rights are also available. Duplication rights allow licensee to make copies for distribution to schools or libraries. Programs are available for broadcast licensing which can include closed-circuit, open broadcast, web streaming and podcasting.

BECON Instructional Programs are available for use by schools and schools districts within the U.S. to learn more, please contact Gladys Sznajderman @754-321-1000 | 754-321-1011 or via email: