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Eighteen – 30 minute programs for grades 4-8. Copyright 2003-2005

A curriculum friendly resource that is aligned to National Science Standards presents a wide range of scientific c topics to elementary and middle school students. In the first ten episodes, students blast off with the crew of RealTime Science Connections (RTSC), with a mission to orbit the earth while learning about space exploration, the human body, the ocean depths and much more. In the final eight episodes, The Magellan Adventures, the crew and a robot named I-O board the Magellan, a galactic space cruiser, traveling into space and beyond in search of science puzzles.

Pricing is available for classroom or library series. Marc Records are available. Broadcast and duplication rights are also available. Duplication rights allow licensee to make copies for distribution to schools or libraries. Programs are available for broadcast licensing which can include closed-circuit, open broadcast, web streaming and podcasting.

BECON Instructional Programs are available for use by schools and schools districts within the U.S. to learn more, please contact Gladys Sznajderman @754-321-1000 | 754-321-1011 or via email: