The BECON Production department provides Broward County Public Schools with an array of services. One area of focus of BECON Production is coverage of school news, academic programs and District events and highlighting the good news of Broward County Public Schools by producing and distributing short videos and news-style stories. BECON Production and Engineering departments also broadcast and web stream all School Board meetings, web stream all School Board workshops and provide audio/video support for a wide variety of initiatives necessary for District operations such as committee meetings, public hearings, talent development events, staff training and video production for special presentations.

In addition to providing audiovisual services and support for the District, BECON producers, directors, videographers, audio technicians and editors produce ongoing television program series. These programs, which air on BECON-TV (WBEC-TV 63), highlight our community and the Broward County Public School District for viewers throughout South Florida. BECON also produces public service announcements and other meaningful video productions for private organizations and government agencies as revenue-generating projects.

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