Troubleshooting Tips

There are times when problems with electronics can be resolved on site by a teacher, media specialist, or micro-tech specialist without sending the equipment in for repair. This can be as simple as checking to see if the device is plugged into power and other wires are plugged in completely or checking the settings of the device. It may also include changing or cleaning filters regularly and maintaining equipment before a problem occurs.

ELMO Document Camera is not communicating with TV or LCD projector

The ELMO document camera is lit up and appears to be functioning but the TV or LCD is showing a black screen. They are not communicating with each other. 80% of the time when this occurs it is because the switch on the side of the ELMO is not in the proper position. When you want to project or connect using a VGA/RGB cable you must set the switch on the side of the ELMO to the pic of the LCD Projector and then use the LCD projector source search. When you want to connect to a TV or LCD Projector using a Yellow Video Cable, RCA Cable, you must set the switch on the side of the ELMO to the pic of the Monitor/TV.


LCD Projector is overheating even after a lamp/bulb change

The issue of overheating could be due to a few reasons. The primary cause of overheating is a lack of proper ventilation due to a dust build up. Check and clean filters regularly especially after a lamp or bulb change then reset filter time and lamp time. The device might also need serviced to remove excessive dust that may have built up in the system. Other times a fan may be blocked by debris sometimes from a filter that has disintegrated and was sucked into the machine.



This issue can often be resolved by Resetting the lamp time in the Menu Options. You should also be sure to clean or replace your filter. Some projectors may also have a reset option for filter time.  

LCD Projector projects Pink shadow over the image when connected to the computer input

This issue is usually caused by wrong settings for Computer Input in the LCD Projector Menu. To fix this problem go into the Menu settings and be sure that the Computer Inputs are set to AUTO.


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