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BECON School Services Department consists of a team of highly skilled, trained, and certified Electronic Technicians who provide direct support to all Broward County Public Schools and administrative sites. Technicians are certified by organizations such as the FCC, ETi, ASE, Bucket Truck, Tandberg, Blonder Tounge, EPSON, and LG. The School Services department maintains and assists with inspection and repairs of 235 broadcast towers while operating a 135 foot crane and is also responsible for the maintenace of the crane.

School Services provides installation services which includes wall mounted televisions, satellite dishes, antennas, receivers, as well as school broadcast studios. In portables, classrooms, and offices, technicians run coaxial cable wiring and install modulators as well as wall jack outlets for cable connections to provide local TV channels and BECON channels. Electronic technicians also replace, maintain, and repair any damaged components to keep good reception in all locations. Technicians also provide training for in-house broadcasting of the daily breakfast/lunch menu, school news, and morning announcement programs and explain how the system works. 

School Services process all cable orders and cable repairs for all equipment and delivers them back to schools. School Services electronic technicians repair and maintain various types of electronic audio video equipment for the district including televisions, LCD projectors, VCR/DVD combos, document cameras, and head end signal broadcasting equipment.

BECON School Services is a major asset to the Broward County School District. It is estimated that the equipment maintained and repaired by School Services provide a cost savings to the District of approximately over one million dollars based on comparative rates for onsite repairs and service.

To call in a work order for service or repair of electronic equipment, call BECON School Services at 754-321-1000.


About School Services

Here is a synopsis of the various services, duties, and responsibilites of BECON School Services Departement.

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How to Create a Work Order for electronic equipment repairs, BECON cable broadcast signal repairs, to order cables, or for special installations.

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Here are a few common problems and tips that may help you resolve the issue in-house without sending the unit in for repair.

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