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Classroom Channels

Through the Educational Broadband Service (EBS), BECON TV delivers quality instructional programming to every classroom in Broward County's public schools. With channels organized by grade level and the Reading Rainbow Channel to inspire readers of all ages, there's a variety of content to choose from. BECON also brings Local 10, WLRN, CBS-4 and NBC-6 to your classroom, and makes it possible to view your school's own programming on Classroom Channel 21

Classroom TV Schedules

Channel 14 - District Announcements/Special Events

Channel 16 - WBEC-TV (BECON-TV)

Channel 17 - Elementary

Channel 18 - Middle/High School

Channel 20 - Reading Rainbow

Video on Demand Websites


BECON Video On Demand

Featured Programming

Science Alive! - Channel 17

This series is designed to present science benchmarks to students to help them become science literate and prepare them for the FCAT Science. Each program in the series covers an annually assessed science benchmark for each of the strands. Presenters provide content information and demonstrations. Hands-on activities for students, materials, and assessments that take about 15 minutes to complete are provided, along with a challenge question/activity that students can do to win prizes. 

Reading Rainbow - Channel 20

A new episode of the timeless classic Reading Rainbow airs daily at 7:00 am on our Reading Rainbow Channel 20 (repeats every half-hour until 3:30 pm). Copies are also available for loan from BECON TV. Contact Danon Bell at 754-321-1022 or for more information.

Special Programming and Instructional Resources

Throughout the school year, we share program information to help you plan lessons that recognize special events, like "Constitution Day," and celebrate the diversity of American culture. 

Instructional Resources

A History of American Indian Achievement Teacher's Guide

A History of Black Achievement in America Teacher's Guide

A History of Chinese American Achievement Teacher's Guide

A History of Women's Achievement Teacher's Guide

A History of Hispanic Achievement In America Teacher's Guide

A History of Jewish American Achievement Teachers' Guide

A History of Civil Rights in America Teacher's Guide

A History of the US Constitution Teacher's Guide

Educator's Guide For Great African American Authors


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